The Hanke-Cofnas Gold Sentiment Score
Our Purpose:
Prices are determined by a host of factors that form the expectations of market participants. Bullish and bearish sentiments play an important role in forming those expectations. Our objective is to measure market sentiment by the examination of what is being written about a particular market. We do that by using high-frequency data, advanced text mining techniques, and artificial intelligence algorithms. Our ongoing sentiment research focuses on the gold market and the sentiment that surrounds it. The “temperature” of the gold market is available in the Hanke-Cofnas Gold Sentiment Report.

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New Gold Package Feature: Gold Turning Point Alerts
Based on the Hanke-Cofnas Gold Sentiment Score, our trading model generates potential turning points in the Gold Price Direction. We detect when sentiment reaches an extreme and reverse in direction. These Gold Turning Point signals can be valuable in assisting investors and traders in choosing when to open, close, or add positions in Gold.